[Release] Writers

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[Release] Writers

Post: # 83007Post Boring Suburban Dad
25 Feb 2016, 22:42

Writers is an interactive story about a group of writers: journalists, scientists and novelists.
While they struggle with their recent projects, they discover a sinister mystery that might grant redemption.

The novelist and the reviewer - an inspiring relationship

Is pseudoscientist Mr. Morland concealing the truth?

Follow the path of journalist Jerôme Faulkner, who investigates the mysterious disappearance of a respected professor.

Supported languages: English and German.

Download the complete version here.

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Re: [Release] Writers

Post: # 83170Post TrickFeed
02 Apr 2016, 00:30

Found it already at GameJolt, as I just wrote there: amazing atmosphere! I hope you may carry on to a somewhat similar style? I don't even mean the graphics only, just your overall-flow. It really gets you hooked after a while.

... and by the way, GJ really needs more PaCDK games to boot :banana: Most are German only, of course that makes it a bit difficult to properly promote them "over the web".
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