You have made a game with PaC-DK or you are working on one? Tell us about here!
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craig dutton
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Post: # 76058Post craig dutton
30 Aug 2010, 19:30

DivShare File - Paragon.rar

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This is my first large Point 'n' click game. Paragon is set around a number of islands previously owned by a race of Magi - wise wizards who love their puzzles and magic. The Paragon Gem is a jewel that gives great power to anyone worthy of searching for it. Solve the puzzles, traps and clues to find the location of the Paragon Gem. Good Luck. Walkthuru included.

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Post: # 76176Post japanhonk
15 Sep 2010, 19:38

Hi and welcome,

I suggest , that you introduce your project with a few words here to get
a response.

Just a " Hi, here I am - play my game" does not make us very courious
if I watch the response...

Es gibt 10 Arten von Usern :
die, die Binärcode verstehen und die, die es nicht tun....

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Post: # 76177Post Baelavay
15 Sep 2010, 21:39

I actually bothered copying the link into my browser and loading the site. But the moment some random music of the page unaskedly started to tamper with my dignified metal playlist, i directly had to click on the small cross in the upper-right corner in a reaction of disgust. So... yeah very sad that someone is spending his time on a development none appreciates, but that's a good lesson in marketing I guess. I'm still struggling with myself because I can't convince myself to click through Roanoke although the effort StarLite put in it would deserve some attention instead of 0 replies. There's just too many better and far more entertaining things on the web. That's reality and I'm amazed the words don't sound as mean as they do in German.

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Post: # 76178Post Schiman
15 Sep 2010, 23:56

Baelavay wrote:and I'm amazed the words don't sound as mean as they do in German.
I think they actually do :( .
But of course you're right.

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Post: # 76180Post Zimond
17 Sep 2010, 15:47

Music on a Homepage is absoluty a No-Go.

and yes... baelavay is brutally honest :oops:

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