Jimmy the Squatter New Web Address

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Jimmy the Squatter New Web Address

Post: # 74947Post bilikasana
03 Jan 2010, 06:04

Greetings Everyone, and Happy New Year!!

I've been away for quite a while, and thanks to everyone who inquired about Episode 4. It is coming, I'm hoping I get it done in the first half of 2010. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Jimmy the Squatter Episodes and website are now at a new web address:


I've had my head in the sand for the last twelve months so am looking forward to returning back to this fine here community.

All the best.

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Post: # 74948Post Schiman
03 Jan 2010, 11:57

It's great that you came back ;). I hope that ep4 is going to be released this year :).

Well, I didn't know that you have the possibility to reup your games yourself^^. In this case you didn't have to send me an e-mail with all your games, I could download them myself^^. Anyway.. thanks ;).

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Post: # 74949Post StarLite
03 Jan 2010, 17:07

Hey BiliK,

Great to see you back up on the horse so to speak. We missed you. Looking forward to playing Jimmy 4, I'm dying to find out what going on with that house. I'll put your web address at the Palace for you. I'm glad you're back in action. Hope all is well, take care for now. :banana:
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Post: # 74966Post UrsVomUranus
05 Jan 2010, 09:41

Great news! Welcome back :P

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