New 3D adventure game development tool

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Pauli Suuraho
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New 3D adventure game development tool

Post: # 74378Post Pauli Suuraho
01 Sep 2009, 16:07

Hello everyone!

My name is Pauli Suuraho and I come from Finland. I am a great fan of adventure games and spare-time software developer.

I would like to tell you about my current project, called Dage, which stands for Dog Adventure Game Engine.

Dage is still in development, but the goal is to make free standalone engine for creating full scripted 3d animated graphical adventure games. Let these screenshots explain the rest:


Got your attention?

Check also the video from youtube:

Download the latest alpha from here (around 1.4M)

I have no meaning to create full game with Dage, well not yet. I want to create relatively easy-to-use game engine. See data/scripts folder for how the game logic works.

Current features:
  • 3D OpenGL render engine supporting hardware acceleration
  • Powerful scripting with Lua
  • Character animations
  • Characters can walk around and say things
  • Collision detection
  • Dynamic shadow casting
  • Support for 3DS with lightmapping
  • Texture support: BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG
  • Room model support: 3DS
  • Animation model: SMD (half life)
  • GUI creation
  • Picking up objects
  • Inventory
  • Keyframe animations with easy editor
  • Music&audio
  • Cutscenes
  • GLSL Shader Language support
See Dage Documentation for scripting information.

Note Dage is not yet finished, but actively developed and features will be improved in the future.

Pauli Suuraho
Developer of Dage

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Re: New 3D adventure game development tool

Post: # 74409Post Baelavay
05 Sep 2009, 18:16

Hi Pauli.

Thanks for presenting your project here. But in this board section users are basically meant to present game projects that are created with PaCDK. DAGE is unfortunately neither a game nor created with PaCDK.

Some words about my opinion about DAGE itself: Personally I don't like 3D adventure games at all, the handling usually just... sucks. I also think that the actual charm of the adventure experience is lost in 3D games. I can hardly imagine that many people prefer 3D adventure games to 2D adventure games and I think that Monkey Island 4 and Simon 3D are a flop, although I haven't played them myself nor I know the sales figures. But either way, the program you have developed appears to offer some decent features. And if it is freeware, people who want to create 3D adventure games just ought to give it a try and then report on their experience here :)
Pauli Suuraho wrote:Dage, which stands for Dog Adventure Game Engine.
No offense, but the name appears to me to be quite silly. Why is it called Dog... anyway? Because the character in the demo is a dog? :? Even if you originally have another meaning of "dog" in mind, I regard the title you've chosen as too misleading.

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Post: # 74414Post Lachi
05 Sep 2009, 21:28

I don´t like 3D adventure games, too. And I think it makes more work to do a complete game with charakter rigging and animating than in 2D.
But I like the dogs. Maybe, if you draw a cartoon version of the dog, it could be a nice logo for your program.

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Post: # 74433Post Benni
07 Sep 2009, 18:23

The main problem that I see with this project is that only very few people are good at creating 3D models, and even less are good at animating them. Also, LUA may be powerful, but it's probably still a rather high obstacle for someone who has absolutely no programming background. The scripting language of PaC-DK, simple though it may be, is very easy to learn without any previous knowledge and that is one of the reasons why so many people are using it.
Your project looks really interesting, but I am quite sure that you will have a much harder time finding users for it than with a 2D engine. People who want to make 3D games usually build their own engines with all the features they need. Maybe if you make it open source, you may have more success with it. Oh, and there is no point in creating an engine without making a game to show it off. ;-)
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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