ill make one!

You have made a game with PaC-DK or you are working on one? Tell us about here!
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ill make one!

Post: # 73992Post ¦Correction Fluid¦»¦EV1¦
07 Jul 2009, 13:35

:D im going to make a game called -select name-
ok so im not sure what ill call it yet but ill make one of some kind!

any comments?
Yes, you are talking to —THE— Correction Fluid.

Foren Raubein
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Post: # 74007Post HeXoR
07 Jul 2009, 19:18

I am making an announcement which is called "Enter brain here". So iam not sure when ill do it but ill do it some day. :doh: :banana: :pcprob:

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Post: # 74010Post Baelavay
07 Jul 2009, 21:22

You can't expect feedback if you don't provide any information at all.

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