Point & Click DK 3.1.6 Released

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Point & Click DK 3.1.6 Released

Post: # 83769Post Zimond
16 Sep 2017, 13:31

New :

- Searchfunction in the language tool.
- New scriptcommand : Downloadstring (url ; stringname).
- The scriptwindow now has Hotkeys from ALT-1 to ALT-8 for inserting one of the examples displayed below.

Changes :

- A doubleclick or the Enter Key will automaticly play a certain sound or moviefile in the mediapool.

Bugfixes :

- Images in the object and charwindow can now be exchanged by droping a new image onto it.. again.
- Made sure that subrooms cannot be called twice.
- Walkmapscripts could be triggered by a character in another room.
- Fixed a mean bug that caused the gamespeed to go down to 1fps when a gamepad was disconnected.

Download :


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