Point & Click DK Version 3.0.2 released.

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Point & Click DK Version 3.0.2 released.

Post: # 82559Post Zimond
13 Aug 2015, 20:42

Version 3.0.2 of the PaC-DK Editor is now online. Get it here :


This is new :

- The Walkmap can now be colored differently in the editor.
- offalign can now be used with "absolute" and "relative" . With these you can choose if the offspeech text position is relative to the room position or not.
- Loadgame can now be used with a second value, a script name. This script will be executed after loading the savegame.
- Animations via playanimation can now be played backwards by entering a negative Fps number.

- Bugfix : Offspeechtexts disappeared after loading a savegame.
- Bugfix : The cursor now checks whats under it even if the cursor is not moving.
- Bugfix : The room transition effect setting could be wrong after unloading a room.
- Bugfix : Setlanguage did not effect the action textline.
- Bugfix : Fixed a bug in RightclickStyle "Classic"
- Bugfix : The coinmenu now disappears when the player opens the mainmenu.
- Bugfix : The position in the roomwindow could be wrong when you changed the room.
- Bugfix : The updatecheck doesn't cause an error message anymore.
- Bugfix : FX Shapes positioning was wrong.
- Bugfix : Walksounds were played when a character was moved with an object via linkchar.
- Bugfix : Scrolling the roomposition from the side (Myst Style) has been improoved.

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