Point & Click DK Version 3.0 Release!

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Point & Click DK Version 3.0 Release!

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31 May 2015, 20:16

Finally the new version 3.0 of the Point & Click Development Kit has been released. You can download it here :


Here is a list of all new features :

The Point & Click Development Kit (PaC-DK) was redone from scratch. The design of the editor was completly changed and the engine is now faster and more advanced. These are the major new features.

- All windows in the editor show your content as it would look like in the game, without any flickering images.
- The roomwindow can now be resized freely and has a minimap for navigation. It also features a new fullscreen mode.
- Resolution now range from 320x200 up to FullHD .
- 16:9 Support for all resolutions.
- You can choose between OpenGL, DirectX9 and DirectX11.
- 4096x4096 is the new limit for object and character size.
- DSP Soundeffekts for echoes, reverb ect. that should work on all systems. (EAX was removed)
- New specialeffects : warpspeed, bright, negative, emboss . (art and darkbloom had to be removed)
- Much shorter loading times in the editor and in the gameengine.
- mp4 support. (swf and tga files are no longer supported)
- Detecting and making use of touchscreen devices.
- Projects can now be merged for better teamwork.
- All scriptcommands were sorted in Beginner/Advanced/Expert.
- All files (savegames, temp files, imports ect) are now saved within the "My Documents" folder of windows.

More new features and changes :

- playanimation: plays an animation of single images in a specified rectangle. Used to replace small videos.
- More different special effects can now be combined.
- Textoutlines can now have a name instead of a number from 1-1000, making it easier to tell them apart.
- The settings file of a created game can now have its own image.
- The scriptwindow colors can now be fully customized.
- You can change the light color of a room directly in the editor.
- Max fontsize was increased to 40.
- The default ingame menu was revised.
- setobjalpha, setcharalpha : Can change the transparency of objects and characters or even make them vanish.
- You can choose the screen on which the game shall run in fullscreen.
- offalign: Changes the alignment of offspeech texts.
- Middlepoints of objects are now twice as precise.
- Search and replace function for the script window.
- The cameraposition of a room can now be chamged independently from the roomwindow position.
- Inventoryfields can now be tweaked a little bit more.
- The default use of the right mousebutton can now be changed within the game with " rightclickstyle (classic / intelligent / nothing)"
- Number and Stringvariables now appear in the scripthelp.
- A small tool for converting 4:3 rooms into 16:9 rooms.
- In the characterwindow you can see the time a certain animation needs in seconds.
- New scriptcommands : popupmenu and popuptaskbar, for manually activate the ingame menu or the taskbar.
- New scriptcommand: autotaskbar, decides if the taskbar will popup automaticly or has to be called manually.
- New scriptcommand extractsound () only for people who love perfection. This will extract soundfiles which might prevent the game from having a microlag.

Bugs and little things :

- Mediapool and Gamepool are now adjustable in height.
- Playmusic can now be used with a "noloop" flag.
- New console command "fpsgraph". Shows the an "frames per second" graphic.
- The console can now be activated by holding down the console key on your keyboard for more then 2 seconds.
- Walksounds are now played directly within the characterwindow.
- All windows now have a "reload" button, which will reload all shown images.
- When a file does already exist in the mediapool this file will be selected automaticly.
- You can now cut & paste elements in the game and mediapool.
- Shortcuts for the roommodes useful for the new fullscreen mode. (F5 to F9)
- New variables [roompx] and [roompy] for the pixelposition of a roomposition.
- Removed some bugs that caused an access violation.

Also new is a facebook page you can find here :

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