Version 2.9.4 online

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Version 2.9.4 online

Post: # 73775Post Zimond
11 Jun 2009, 20:45

- You can now create you own scriptpresets. (open the file presets.txt do learn how)
- A function can now be started in loop2 mode, which means that it will behave exactly like the on (loop2) event.
- New Variable [obj:objektname]. Returns the current state of an object.
- You can now click behind a taskbar if no main backgroundimage is used for it.
- The FPS for the Roomwindow is now limited to 60FPS, anything higher is a waste of power.

- Bugfix : Some charactervisuals fixed... again.
- Bugfix : Break() caused a Loop Event to cancel entirly.
- Bugfix : Duplicate did not copy the extraanimations of a character.
- Bugfix : Inventoryfields will now move when using setpos.

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Post: # 75025Post Daivuk
19 Jan 2010, 15:54

Hi, I am new here, and didn't use the tool yet. I was actually making research to find a tool for Adventure game maker.

I just saw something on the main page about that version that hit me, and I thought I would let you know :)

"- The FPS for the Roomwindow is now limited to 60FPS, anything higher is a waste of power."

You shouldn't do that. Some people have set their screen refresh rate to 75 hz, or 85 hz. So if their FPS is locked at 60, everything animated will look bad. What I suggest you to do, is to put a VSync option (Default true). If vsync is off, FPS is as much as it can. If it's on, FPS will be locked to the screen refresh rate (60 hz in my case)

Just my 2 cents ;)

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