Version 2.9.3 Online

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Version 2.9.3 Online

Post: # 73162Post Zimond
10 Mar 2009, 23:45

No big deals with this update, just a bunch of small fixes :

- It is now possible to use a variable in another variable like [obj[num]] to access vars like obj1, obj2 ect by just changing the value in num
- Backupfolder is now more organized.
- The scriptchecking will now look for the amount of [ and ] too.
- sqrt (variable) To get the squareroot of a given number. The result will be saved in the same variable.
- The limits for width and height of an object was removed.
- Bugfix : Characters could be displayed wrong when they were standing right next to each other.
- Bugfix : Found many parts of the sourcecode that could be responsible for access violations.
- Bugfix : The position of the speechtext above a character should be always correct now.
- Bugfix : Using setobj and moveobj with objectgroups containing 20 objects caused an error message.
- Bugfix : Deleting an action in the characterwindow will now delete the scriptlines within the frames too.
- Bugfix : After loading a Savegame some functions did not run properly.

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