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Post: # 78571Post Rohan
23 Sep 2011, 03:50

I'm trying to add moving clouds to a sky using particles but for some reason the editor rotates them 90 degrees so that they are running across the screen completely sideways! I made alternate copies of the clouds in photoshop which I rotated 90 so that when the computer rotated them another 90 degrees they would be right side up but then the computer rotated them 180 degrees degrees so that they were still sidways... I have no idea why its doing that... why wont it just keep them the same direction I drew them?

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Re: Particles

Post: # 78572Post japanhonk
23 Sep 2011, 04:49


the particle command allows a rotation of the selected particles.

BUT : it will be a continiuos rotation only. Did you try the number 0 ?
setparticles (objekt ; speed ; amount ; direction ; rotation ; variation)

Wouldn´t it be easier to move the clouds with "moveobj"
, maybe in combination with "group" before as a loop2 command ?

It is possible to move the clouds outside the visible screen.You youst have
to clear the maximum left position with 0 before entering the x-value

f.e. : moveobj (cloud;0-400;50;9) : will move the cloud to x: -400, y:50

moveobj (cloud;2000;50;9) : will move the cloud to x:2000, y:50

So I suggest this :

on (loop2)
setnum (x_cloud1;[objx:cloud1])
setnum (x_cloud2;[objx:cloud2])

if_num (x_cloud1;<-500)
moveobj (cloud1;2000;50;0)
if_num (x_cloud2;<-500)
moveobj (cloud2;1900;60;0)

if_num (x_cloud1;>-500)
moveobj (cloud1;0-500;50;2000ms)
if_num (x_cloud2;>-500)
moveobj (cloud2;0-500;60;1500ms)

By using particles you have 151 clouds minimum....Looks like a VERY dark sky.....and lowers the performance...
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Re: Particles

Post: # 78580Post Rohan
26 Sep 2011, 19:49

I actually I fixed the problem. I know that the rotation value makes an object spin, thats not what I meant by rotating. What I meant was that even thought the orientation of the object I was using was right side up, the computer would flip them 90 for no reason what so ever. Eventually I loaded a room from one of my old games with working particles and replaced the object frames with the new particle objects for the game I'm working on currently. So now it works!!! But thanks anyway japanhonk.
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