Problem with Beamto and another Character

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Problem with Beamto and another Character

Post: # 75965Post nicop
08 Aug 2010, 21:57


I have started my first project and now unfurtanely am stuck at a point i cannot figgure out:

I have managed to beam my character from one map to another. I have 3 maps at the moment. To rooms and a wolrdmap, similar to the one on monkey island (so a big map where the character can "walk" to)

but what i want now is that when the worldmap shows up, the character should be a little car, and when he waks over a certain spot, enter the room as the caracter again.

however, it does not work. when i stick to my primary charecter, it does work, just not the switching to the car.

i have the following scrips on the walkmap spots, where the beamto should take place:

in the rooms:

beamto (Automobil;Map; 38;45;3)

and on the worldmap:

beamto (Character1;Room1;1;24;3)

I do have both characters created (Automobil & Character1) and the spots where they should beam to are all free. as i said, with using "self" it does work.

any ideas whats wrong?

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Post: # 75966Post Lachi
09 Aug 2010, 00:57

Hi nicop, welcome in our forum.

If I understand your problem right, this will help you.
When your character leave a scene (room1) to the map-room with the car:

setfocus(car) - so the car is the actual aktiv character and the room changes automatically to this one

an when the car arrives the selected location:


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Post: # 75967Post nicop
09 Aug 2010, 12:48

Hi Lachi,

thanks a million, works like a charm!

bzw. besten Dank, den nach deinem Footer zu urteilen sprichst du auch deutsch ;-)

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Post: # 75968Post Schiman
09 Aug 2010, 13:59

Du darfst auch gerne im deutschen Forum schreiben XD. Hier sind fast alle aus Deutschland^^.

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