Could This Be A Problem

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Could This Be A Problem

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19 Apr 2010, 17:49

Good day all

Well Roanoke is starting to become quite a pain in the lower extremities. I have fixed over 50 bugs in the script, and it seems that when I get one problem solved another creeps up on me. Something doesn't want me to release this game. Here's what's happening

I've got objects disappearing, dummy objects moving to different parts of the screen. Characters walking on their own where they shouldn't walk. Characters won't beam into other rooms when they're told to through cutscenes. Other characters when they beam into a room doesn't beam to the right co-ordinates even though the walkmap area is clear.

If I could just play through the game once then I'll release it, but every time there's something else wrong. I've checked and triple checked the script involved and it seems fine to me. I have script working right one minute then not working the next, for example:

if_num(exit room ; <7)
walkto (idiot ; 22;22;2)
speech(self;Bite me)

Each item has the script setnum(exit room ; +1)

Now this is supposed to stop you from leaving a room until you've picked up 7 items. If you only pick up two you shouldn't be able to leave the room. One minute it works the next it doesn't, if you pick up less than 7 items you leave the room. It's a good thing I don't own a gun.

Would these problems I'm having have anything to do with this program

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

I tried to update it today but it said it wasn't compatible with my system. I don't know what else to do guys. This game is done, there's nothing left to do but play it, but it won't play through without some kind of bug showing up. It can't be my computer because the game has been tested on 5 different computers now with 5 different testers, and it has not played through without a problem on any of them.

If someone wants to take a look at the adz file, you don't have to do anything just look and tell me, here's the problem in room blah. I don't know what else to do. I'll try once again to see what I can do but I feel as though I'm beating my head against the wall.

Please help so I can get rid of this headache game. Thank you
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Post: # 75640Post Schiman
19 Apr 2010, 21:08

I'm sorry for you that you have such big problems with releasing the game.

If you want I can try to fix the problem. If you tell me where to download the .adz-File (write a PM). Then I'm going to test the game and try to fix the major problems.
I don't guarantee you that it is going to work, but I'll try.

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Post: # 75641Post japanhonk
20 Apr 2010, 00:31

Did you change the Editor version last time ?

You discribed some problems I also had. Mostly I renewed the zip files.

But when I loaded my project made under version 2.9.3. with a higher

version like 2.4.9 f.e., many objects changed the position, graphics were

uncomplete and scripts did not work as they should.

Only exporting to a complete different computer worked.

Maybe you can try to unzip an older version of the editor and create

the game with it ?
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20 Apr 2010, 01:23

@ japanhonk, hi, yes I did upgrade P&C but I don't usually have problems to the extent I am having now. It's like it's got a mind of it's own. Usually I have a problem or two here and there, but this is extreme. I cleaned up over 50 bugs and they still keep coming, and I can't see any reason for them. Schiman is going to look at the game for me to see what is going on. Keep your fingers crossed that Schiman can get it working, he's very smart with script. I wish I was as talented. I wish I had everyone's talent
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