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Message For Schiman

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27 Jan 2010, 19:37

Hi Schiman,

I just wanted to let you know that the script you helped me with in another message worked great on another puzzle. I can't get to the room you helped me with it for, but I used the script on two other rooms with the same type puzzles and the script worked on both rooms. I think I have an idea why my box puzzle didn't work by looking at your script. Just wanted to say thank you for the help and that the script worked. This is the script

Code: Select all

   if_num(SymbolCode1;*Your first number*)
     if_num(SymbolCode2;*Your second number*)
       if_num(SymbolCode3;*Your third number*)
         if_num(SymbolCode4;*Your fourth number*)
           if_num(SymbolCode5;*Your fifth number*)
                cutscene(*name of the cutscene with the self-destruction*)
   *do whatever you want when the code was not right. An errorsound or something like that would be good. The player has then the possibility to notice when his code was wrong.*
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