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07 Jul 2009, 19:36

how come when I try to open a game it says it can not find bass.dll it will suggest reinstalling
I'm using win vista
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07 Jul 2009, 21:16

When you create a game with PaCDK, it creates the following files in the stated folder: game.exe, setup.exe, bass.dll and a data folder. The bass.dll is always the same file, no matter how your scripts look like, so if in your game folder, the bass.dll is missing, I suppose you have deleted it. Solution: Just create the game anew or copy-paste the bass.dll from a previous game you've created into the current folder.

Question: Where do I get the bass.dll from?
Answer: Create a game with PaCDK and it will be created too.

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09 Jul 2009, 16:29

Another thing that could be happening and I've done this a lot till I figured out what was happening, when I'd click the Save Project button it takes a bit to save. So instead of waiting till the Save Project button was clear, I'd hit the Create Game button before the Project was saved. Then I would get an error of a file missing. I can't remember now what the error was because I'm careful not to hit the Create Game button till Save Project is cleared. Hope this helps :banana:
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04 Oct 2009, 21:02

All I do is reinstall PACDK and then load the game. I kept moving the program between a flash drive and a computer and must have lost some of the data files in the process and this worked. Just make sure you keep all your saved games.
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